Pedestrian Safety Tips for Walking in Seattle

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Walking is great exercise, but it can also be dangerous. When walking in Seattle, be sure to follow these pedestrian safety tips.

Do Not Walk While Distracted

Distracted walking is a major cause of pedestrian accidents every year. In fact, pedestrian injuries due to cellphone use are up 35 percent since 2010, according to Data from Stateline. Walking while distracted can prevent you from seeing and/or hearing oncoming vehicles, increasing your chances of suffering injuries in a pedestrian accident.

Distracted walking can also contribute to many other common causes of pedestrian accidents, such as falling. When walking, put your cellphone down, music away, and pay attention to your surroundings, especially when walking near busy streets.

Know the Pedestrian Laws in Washington State

Each state is responsible for setting its own pedestrian laws. If you live in Seattle, familiarizing yourself with Washington laws can help keep you safe. Some of these laws include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Pedestrians must obey traffic signals.
  • No pedestrian shall leave a curb and enter traffic.
  • Pedestrians must yield to vehicles outside intersections.
  • Pedestrians must use sidewalks when available. If there are no sidewalks available, pedestrians must walk on the shoulder in the face of oncoming traffic.

Remember the Basics

A lot of people forget about walking safety when they are out and about. While it may seem silly, review the pedestrian safety basics yourself and make sure to go over them with children or younger family members. They include:

  • Looking both ways before crossing the street
  • Walking instead of running
  • Walking in the opposite direction of traffic
  • Exercising courtesy
  • Making eye contact with drivers
  • Paying attention to ‘walk,’ ‘don’t walk,’ and other traffic signals

Use Routes with Sidewalks

Some areas in Seattle are very pedestrian-friendly, while others are not. If you plan to walk in an area that is not pedestrian-friendly, be sure to keep to sidewalks. Walking alongside a busy road where no sidewalks are available is just plain dangerous. If you must walk without a sidewalk, remember that you need to walk against oncoming traffic as far away as possible from oncoming cars.

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