Seattle's Pronto Cycle Share Bicycle Sharing System

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October 13 marked the official rollout of Seattle’s brand-new bicycle share program. The city celebrated years of planning by launching the Pronto Cycle Share, a bicycle sharing system with 50 stations throughout the metro area. The program also allows cyclists to borrow sanitized helmets on the honor system from sky-blue containers. Kiosks accompany bike stations for easy access for all.

How does it work?

Bikes from the 50 Pronto-owned docking stations are available for sharing. Kiosks offer touchscreens where cyclists can get 24-hour or three-day passes, access city maps and find docking stations throughout the city-wide system. Annual memberships are also available and start at just $85 per year.

Riders can obtain one of 500 bikes at a station of their choice by purchasing a pass at the kiosk and riding to any other docking station in the city. Pronto Cycle Share is the non-profit group that established, implemented and now manages the bicycle sharing system. Its recommended usage is for short commutes, like trips to the grocery store or quick appointments, rather than long visits or sight-seeing.

Pronto stations offer twice as many docking slots as there are bikes available in order to ensure that there will always be a space for you to dock a shared bicycle at your intended destination. Stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year so riders with unusual schedules or last-minute needs will always have access to a bike.

Pronto vans redistribute bikes throughout the city’s docking stations to ensure that there are always bikes available for everyone who needs them.

The Bikes

The Pronto bikes are a fleet of exceptionally durable, lime-green bikes specially designed to suit the needs of the large-scale bicycle sharing system. The robust design features an “upright-style” frame that should fit the majority of riders without need for adjustment.


Seattle requires all its bicycle riders to wear a helmet. If you don’t own a bicycle helmet, you still can ride. There are free helmet-borrowing containers at every docking station that, as noted above, operate on the honor system. If you need a helmet, simply borrow one of the sanitized units and return it in the used bin at the next docking station. Pronto will sanitize and replenish all helmet containers regularly to ensure that helmets are readily available to riders.

Riding Safety

Pronto understands that this program essentially places 500 additional bikes on the streets of Seattle. To promote bicycle safety, Pronto offers safety tips on the handlebars of each shared cycle and recommends that riders review them before leaving the docking station for the first time. It is also recommended that all riders familiarize themselves with cycling laws in Seattle. All riders should understand hand signals, bike lanes and traffic laws that apply to bicycles. Cycling safety classes are available throughout the metro area.

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