Seattle DOT Updates Its Bicycle Master Plan

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The state of Washington has, time and time again, been named as the most bike-friendly state in the nation. That of course makes Seattle one of the most bike friendly cities in the United States, and for good reason – check out the safest bike paths in Seattle – we have taken a number of initiatives to improve cyclists’ safety. One initiative is the Bicycle Master Plan, proposed by the Seattle Department of Transportation. Now, after receiving a multitude of feedback from the community, that plan is being updated.

Seattle Bicycle Master Plan

The five year implementation plan (from 2015 to 2019) was developed to add new projects at the areas of Renton Ave S., Roosevelt Ave NE and University Bridge, and Pinehurst Way NE. What’s more, the project also plans to add protected bike lanes both to and through Seattle’s downtown. The overall intent of the plan is to incentivize cycling and reduce the number of cyclist accidents.

Months of Input from Cycling Activists Change Bicycle Master Plan

The plan for the Bicycle Master Plan is now in its final stages, but it hasn’t been without significant input from cyclists in the community, business owners, and others living in the community.

For example, the Seattle Department of Transportation’s original plan was to add a 1.2 mile, two-lane track along Westlake Ave. N between the Southlake neighborhood and the Freemont neighborhood. The biggest concerns with this plan, vocalized by a local business owner, were issues regarding parking, access for boat owners, customer access, and pedestrian safety.

Now, the Seattle Department of Transportation has announced that they have heard community concerns, and have made changes to their plan as such. While the plan is still in final development, it is quickly nearing completion.

Pedestrians Included in the Plan

Like its notoriety for cyclist safety, Seattle has also been voted as one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the nation. And the fact that the Seattle Department of Transportation will add pedestrian improvements into the Master Bicycle Plan, like more crosswalks in certain areas, substantiates that claim.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Protection Important: Know How to Ride/Walk Safely

The Bicycle Master Bike plan won’t be finished until 2019. Hopefully, it will increase bicycle and pedestrian safety in the state.

In the interim, it’s important that you’re always riding and walking as safely as possible, doing so can safe your life. For a plethora of information on pedestrian and cyclist safety, information about a possible pedestrian zone, and more, you’re encouraged to read our bicycle accident blog

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