Seattle Retailer Creates Clothing Line that Feels Like Bikewear and Looks Like Streetwear

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Seattle is one of the most bike friendly cities in the nation. The city builds designated bike lanes and paths and there is even a bike share program called Pronto. And now, a store is selling bicycle clothing for bicyclists in Seattle that may make biking even more fashionable and convenient.

“Normal Looking” Bicycle Clothing

Even for those who don’t bike on a regular basis, there’s probably a familiarity with cyclists’ clothing: brightly colored spandex which can be expensive. While the spandex certainly has its advantages in temperature control and ease of mobility there’s no doubt that it’s not for everyone, especially the casual bicyclist who is commuting to work. For bicyclists who want more “normal looking” clothing, Juliette Delfs recently opened just the store in Fremont: Hub and BeSpoke.

Bicycle Apparel That Looks Great and Offers Safety Too

Hub and BeSpoke doesn’t just sell clothing that’s fashionable; the clothing is designed specifically with bikers’ needs in mind, safety included. For example, a women’s raincoat sold by the store offers reflectivity, is cut specifically for a forward riding position, has built-in venting, and is waterproof.

Below are some other trendy clothing and accessories offered at the store or its online shop.

  • Helmet cover
  • Rain spats (overshoes that protect heels, boots, and more)
  • Waterproof seat saddle cover
  • Pants designed for movement
  • Arm and hand warmers


The company even offers a safety reflector that looks more like a fashionable necklace than it does safety gear. And Hub and BeSpoke hasn’t forgotten about the most important safety feature of all while riding: helmets. The store offers a variety of non-sport helmets are safe “with a touch of fun and urbanity.”

Hoping to Increase the Commuting Culture

The hope is that the clothing from Hub and BeSpoke will make businessmen and women and others who need to dress nicely for work feel less intimidated by biking clothing. This may in turn reduce anxiety about commuting via bicycle, including the concern that many have about wearing the right clothing to ride a bike to work.

In the Event of a Bike Accident, Call a Lawyer

Improving the number of bicyclists in Seattle can have positive health effects and may even make motorists more aware of bicyclists who share the roads. Unfortunately, though, bicycle accidents do happen. If you are in an accident in Seattle, call the lawyers at Max Meyers Law, PLLC today. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve. Reach our offices as soon as possible at 425-399-7000 or contact us online.

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