How Much Is the Settlement for a Herniated Disc From a Car Accident?

Diagram of Herniated DiscThe amount you will receive in settlement of your herniated disc injury from a car accident will depend on the facts of your case. A herniated disc is a condition in which you have a problem with one or more of the discs between the bones (vertebrae) of your spine. If you have a severe injury, have to undergo extensive treatments, or endure lingering problems from the disc injury, your damages may be more significant and thus your settlement should be more significant than a minor injury.

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What Factors Will Affect the Settlement Value of My Case?

The value of your claim will depend on these factors:

Medical Treatments & Procedures

A minor herniated disc that requires no treatment or surgery will have a lower settlement value than a severe injury that required surgical intervention. Other surgeries to treat herniated discs may include:

  • Removal of the complete disc (laminectomy)
  • Removal of the part of the disc that is protruding (discectomy)
  • Implanting an artificial disc
  • Fusing two or more vertebrae together to stabilize your spine
  • Stabilizing the spine with metal hardware

We use your medical bills to calculate the current cost of your case, but we may also rely on medical record evaluation and medical expert testimony to establish the costs and losses associated with your ongoing medical care.

Effects on Your Ability to Work

If you are unable to work for days, weeks, or months as you recover from your injuries, you are entitled to compensation for your lost wages. If you cannot go back to work or must take a lower-paying job because you can no longer perform your job duties because of your herniated disc, we can help you calculate your lost earning capacity.

Physical Pain & Emotional Suffering

Among the noneconomic damages you can recover in a herniated disc settlement are your physical and emotional pain and suffering. To identify fair pain and suffering damages, we may use the per diem or multiplier method. Learn more about calculating pain and suffering damages during your free consultation with Max Meyers Law. Call 425-242-5595.

Ongoing Effects of Your Herniated Disc

Although many people heal completely from a herniated disc, some people experience chronic pain and require ongoing treatment and physical therapy. Some are unable to return to work. The long-term impact of your injuries on your life will affect your case’s value.

What Damages Can My Settlement for a Herniated Disc Include?

Depending on the facts of  your claim, your herniated disc settlement might include the following:

  • Cost of current and future medical treatment – If your disc injury requires ongoing treatment, we will work with your doctor and other medical experts to quantify its cost and include it in your claim.
  • Physical therapy – Some people require physical therapy to relieve pain and help the healing process. You can collect compensation to cover your physical therapy costs in your settlement.
  • Disability – If your injury causes you to become disabled, we will seek appropriate compensation for the disability.
  • Lost wages – If you lost time from work because of your injury, we would use evidence of your wages and other information from your employer to compute your current lost wages.
  • Loss of earning potential – If your injury prevents you from returning to work or you must change jobs, we will include the loss of earning capacity in your claim. This also includes loss of promotion, loss of benefits, loss of pension, and other work- or career-related losses.
  • Pain and suffering – We will compute a value for your pain and suffering via the per diem or multiplier method.
  • Loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment of life – Severe injuries can affect your quality of life. If your injury prevents you from participating in hobbies, affects your relationships, or otherwise affects your life, we will account for this in your claim as well.

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