5 Reasons to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

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Riding motorcycles is the preferred method of transportation or leisure activity for many people on the American roadways. Many riders relish the freedom and exhilaration of the ride, and tout the benefits of reduced gas costs and economical insurance premiums.

But motorcycle riding does involve some risk. Safety gear is recommended, especially for the head. The fact that motorcycles share the road with mostly larger, heavier vehicles, and their riders lack any protective barrier in the event of a crash, makes helmets and safety gear essential to avoiding serious injury or death.

Five Reasons to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

Many motorcycle riders still refuse to wear a helmet, even though they understand the risk. The following five reasons are designed to persuade riders to protect themselves by wearing a helmet.

It’s the Law in Washington

The state of Washington requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. If you don’t, you risk being pulled over and ticketed. As part of a motorcycle safety course, this is just one of the motorcycle laws in Washington licensed drivers learn.

It Reduces the Risk of Head Injuries

A University of Pennsylvania study highlights the importance of motorcycle helmet wearing. Since the state of Pennsylvania repealed its motorcycle helmet law in 2003, riders’ head injury fatalities from wrecks increased by 66 percent. Hospitalization for motorcycle-related head injuries increased by 78 percent. That’s some pretty strong evidence.

It Makes you Easier to See

Motorcyclists know they are much harder to see on the road than cars and trucks. Helmets not only increase your mass, many offer reflective material that helps other drivers see you.

It Protects you from Road Debris

Road debris is often overlooked by passenger vehicle drivers but motorcyclists must contend with a variety of environmental obstacles.

  • Rocks or other material falling from a truck ahead
  • Dust blowing in the eyes
  • Debris kicked up off the road


A helmet with a faceguard protects against most of these issues.

It Protects you from the Elements

Helmets keep your head warm in winter. In the summer, they help reduce the likelihood of sunburn. They keep out wind and rain all year round.

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