Don't Be the Victim of a Truck Accident! Stay Safe With These Important Tips

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As a driver in the Seattle area, you probably try your hardest to be a safe, conscientious driver. No one wants to get into an accident on the road and you are certainly no exception. There are, however, additional safety rules you may want to be aware of if you are ever driving near a large 18-wheeler truck. Yes, the truck driver should be properly trained, licensed and looking out for other vehicles on the road—but at the end of the day, his truck is far larger than your car and if either one of you causes an accident, the truck is always going to win.

Here are the key tips to minimize the risks of a big-rig collision:

  • Stay out of the truck's blind spots. Even the most seasoned truck drivers are simply unable to see your car if you are driving in one of their blind spots. The main blind spots are directly behind the truck, directly in front of it, and next to the passenger side door. There are other random areas that may be invisible to the driver as well, so your best bet is to pass the truck (always on the left, never on the right) safely and drive ahead of it.
  • Give the truck space when it is turning. If you see a truck attempting to take a turn, don't try to cut around it quickly because it may not work out very well for you. Trucks need a lot of space to negotiate turns, so just be patient and let the driver safely do what he needs to do.
  • Try to avoid sudden stops. If you are driving in front of a big rig and you suddenly have to hit your brakes, just remember that trucks need a much greater stopping distance than cars. You may think you gave the truck enough time to brake, but you'll realize you didn't when it comes barreling into the back of your vehicle.
  • Report erratic truck drivers. If you encounter a truck driver who keeps making poor decisions on the road and is putting the lives of other drivers in danger, there should be a number on the back of their truck that you can call to report the driver to his corporate office. If there's no number, but you're still really concerned, do not hesitate to call 911.


The results of a truck accident in Seattle can be catastrophic, so always do everything in your power to stay safe and out of harm's way.

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