Filing a Lawsuit for Amputation from a Car Accident

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Severe car accidents can result in traumatic damage, such as irreparable harm to limbs. Traumatic amputation from a car accident can occur if limbs become crushed under vehicles or trapped in the wreckage. An amputation may also be necessary after a crash if the damaged limb becomes infected to the point where it puts the rest of the body at risk.

The Financial Cost of Traumatic Amputation

Amputations will require a few days’ stay in the hospital, which can cost thousands of dollars. Once the area has healed, the patient will likely undergo fitting for a prosthetic and then physical therapy to learn how to restore function with their artificial limb.

Even simple prosthetic limbs without electronic features can cost a few thousand dollars; technologically enhanced models can cost much as $50,000, according to the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. And the costs do not stop there. The average prosthetic limb, regardless of initial cost and quality, lasts only three to five years. The lifespan of a child’s prosthetic limb is even shorter as children outgrow them quickly.

Amputations require regular maintenance of the prosthetic connection site and may also require upgraded prosthetic limbs. If an accident victim decides against a prosthetic limb, she may need special medical equipment, such as a wheelchair or adapted vehicle as well. She may also need home renovations such as widened doorways or chair lifts.

The Emotional Cost of Traumatic Amputation

Imagine never being able to jog or play your favorite sport the same way again because you are missing a limb. Sadly, this is the case for many accident victims. While many amputees return to their hobbies and jobs after learning to use a prosthetic, it will never be the same experience as having their own limbs.

The traumatic loss of a limb can take its toll on an amputee's mental health over time. First, there is the initial trauma of losing the limb. Then there is the frustration of learning how to walk again or use a prosthetic hand.

Once you have recovered and adjusted to your amputation, you may even experience psychological effects such as phantom limb pain, when the brain still thinks the missing limb is present and still registers signals of pain or discomfort from that area.

Filing a Lawsuit to Recover Damages from a Traumatic Amputation

When the at-fault driver's insurance is not enough to cover your damages and losses, you have the right to seek a higher settlement through a lawsuit. Your settlement should cover current and ongoing medical expenses related to your amputation, as well as any lost income or lost earning opportunities due to the accident. Additionally, due to the traumatic nature of the injury, you may be entitled to pain and suffering damages for the emotional distress suffered from the amputation.

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