Trucker's Blind Spots and How to Stay Out of Them

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Being close to Interstate 405 and State Route 520, Redmond is exposed to a good deal of semi-truck traffic. In order to remain safe around these vehicles, it's important for drivers to stay out of the truck's blind spots. There are also other defensive driving techniques that drivers can use to prevent accidents. If a driver is in an accident a semi-truck driver caused, the injured driver can pursue compensation through insurance claims and legal action.

Where are a truck's blind spots?

As a general rule, if the driver cannot see the truck's side view mirrors, then the trucker cannot see the driver. The following are the locations of a truck’s blind spots:

  • Behind the truck: This is where the ‘If you can’t see me, I can’t see you’ standard easily applies. If you’re traveling behind a truck and cannot see the truck’s mirrors, then you’re too close.
  • On the sides of the truck: The truck’s blind spots differ on the left and right. The blind spot on the left is located just behind the cab, while the blind spot on the right extends farther back and even continues just to the side and in front of the cab.
  • In front of the truck: Never cut off a truck because you’ll enter the truck’s blind spot located directly in front of the vehicle. To make sure you aren’t cutting a truck off, don’t merge into its lane until you can see both of the headlights in your rearview mirror.


When a driver is in these blind spots, the trucker cannot see the vehicle and may accidently hit the driver when making a lane change or stopping.

Staying Out of the Trucker’s Blind Spots

If passing the truck, do so quickly. This doesn’t mean you should speed, but avoid cruising on the side of the truck, even if you’re not in the blind spot. If the truck driver loses control or is in an accident, you could be in the way and may collide with the truck’s trailer. Remember, trucks require more stopping distance than other vehicles.

Other Defensive Driving Techniques around Truckers

In addition to being aware of blind spots, drivers can take other measures to be safe around semi-trucks. It first starts with having the proper attitude while driving. Semi-trucks are very large, and drivers have to respect the dangers they pose. Drivers should stay calm when driving and not engage in road rage when around semi-trucks.

Because of the large trailer, semi-trucks have to make wide right turns. The truck may veer into the left lane beside it before making the wide right turn. Be very cautious about passing a truck when it's making a right hand turn, and never try to sneak by in the right lane if the truck starts to veer into the left.

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