How an Experienced Kenmore Personal Injury Attorney Could Be Your Best Ally After an Accident

aerial view of kenmore washingtonMax Meyers Law believes that no Washingtonian should have to pay the price for another person’s mistake. Since we first opened our doors, our legal team has striven to protect the rights of Kenmore-area accident victims—and we have the results to show for it. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Kenmore accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to significant compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Please send us a message online or call us at 425-428-6052 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation as soon as possible.

Max Meyers Law Advocates for Accident Victims in Kenmore

Kenmore has a reputation as one of the safest mid-sized cities, not only in the Seattle metropolitan area but in the entirety of Washington state. However, as safe as Kenmore may be, accidents are still an unavoidable and tragic part of everyday life. Each year, for example, the City of Kenmore Police Department records an average of over 200 motor vehicle accidents. Of these accidents, many result in life-altering injuries, leaving victims unable to live healthy, independent lives.

Max Meyers Law is committed to upholding the rights of Kenmore-area accident victims. We accept personal injury cases relating to the following types of accidents:

Washington state law affords many accident victims the right to file a claim for compensation if they have been injured by another party’s negligence. However, successfully recovering damages can be difficult: your recovery could be contingent on the actions you take in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

What to Do After a Kenmore Personal Injury Accident

If you have been injured in a Kenmore accident that was not your fault, you should protect your recovery by taking the following steps:

Call 9-1-1

Some people are reluctant to call emergency services after an accident, fearing that a law enforcement response could complicate their claim and make their lives all the more difficult. However, calling 911 is almost always a necessity. In some cases, it is required by law. According to the Washington State Patrol, anyone involved in a car crash must report the accident if the collision resulted in:

  • Damage of $1,000 or more to a vehicle or other property
  • Personal injury
  • Death

Even when contacting the police is not legally required, a police report can provide useful evidence during insurance claims and negotiations.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention 

You should always seek immediate medical attention after a Washington personal injury accident, even if you do not believe that you have been seriously injured. Since some accident-related injuries do not present any noticeable symptoms, you may need a doctor’s assistance to identify, diagnose, and treat an emergent condition.

Furthermore, seeing a physician shows the insurance company that you have legitimate concerns about your physical health and are not simply trying to profit from the accident.

Collect Evidence From the Accident Site

If you have not been incapacitated and are in stable condition, you could bolster your chances of securing a favorable financial settlement by collecting evidence from the accident site. Depending on the nature and circumstances of your accident, this could include:

  • Pictures of the damage to your vehicle
  • Photographs of the condition that caused your accident, such as a defective automotive part, unmaintained roadway, or malfunctioning stop light
  • A written record of your injury-related symptoms, such as feelings of physical pain, chronic discomfort, or unexplained cognitive problems

Contact an Attorney

You likely stand your best chance of making a successful recovery by contacting an experienced Kenmore personal injury attorney. Numerous studies have shown that personal injury claimants fare better in court and secure more compensation when they hire an attorney than when they try to negotiate a settlement by themselves.

After all, insurance companies are for-profit enterprises, and they will often do everything in their power to devalue or deny an accident-related claim. They might ask you to provide a recorded statement, only to use your words against you, misconstruing even the simplest mistakes as evidence of fault.

A personal injury attorney could help protect your rights by:

  • Investigating the cause of your accident
  • Collecting the evidence needed to demonstrate the other party’s fault
  • Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Helping you comply with state law
  • Advocating for your best interests, whether in settlement talks or in a courtroom

Max Meyers Law Offers 100% Free Consultations

Far too many people fall prey to the mistaken belief that experienced legal representation comes at a high price. Fortunately, Max Meyers Law is different. Since we exclusively represent accident victims, we understand that many of our clients are in dire financial straits. Instead of asking our clients to risk their life savings for a chance to recover their losses, we strive to provide our services at the lowest possible cost.

Max Meyers Law offers all Kenmore-area accident victims the opportunity to schedule 100% free, no-obligation consultations. During your initial consultation, you will have the chance to:

  • Tell your side of the story
  • Describe the accident and the injuries you suffered
  • Ask questions about our experience, results, and practice areas
  • Understand how Washington law could help you recover compensation after an accident

However, Max Meyers Law offers more than free consultations.

Since we operate on a contingency fee basis, we do not ask our clients to pay anything for our legal services. Instead, we only accept payment as a percentage of your settlement. If we cannot win your case, we do not get paid, and we will not ask you to reimburse us for our time or our efforts.

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