How to Prevent a Bellevue Road Rage Incident from Escalating

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You might not think much of that motorist shaking his fist at you or abusing you on your morning commute in Bellevue. However, every year, such minor instances of road rage escalate into episodes of aggression that can cause injury or even fatality. In fact, according to statistics reported by Consumer Health Day, at least 1,500 people suffer injuries or are killed, every year, in road rage-related incidents.

It's important for motorists to appreciate the consequences of road rage. Psychologists have a term for such explosive rage that causes a person to a lose control of his emotions. In the 2006 issues of the Archives of General Psychiatry, psychiatrists referred to this condition as “intermittent explosive disorder.” They believe that this condition is strongly linked to serious bouts of explosive violence and fear that as many as seven percent of Americans suffer from this condition.

How to Stop Road Rage from Escalating

If you are involved in an incident with another Bellevue motorist who is becoming hostile, stay calm. Remember that an out-of-control road motorist can cause you serious harm. Avoid eye contact with the driver, and leave your ego at the door. Avoidance is the best tactic to use.

If the other motorist makes obscene gestures, or abuses or taunts you, simply ignore that behavior. In fact, don't look at the other motorist and make an attempt to get away from the scene as quickly as possible. Keep your car doors and windows closed and locked shut.

Use your horn sparingly to avoid raising tempers further. If you can, note down the driver’s license plate number and report to the police or emergency personnel, once you have been able to get away from the aggressive driver.

If the aggressive motorist begins following you, don't drive home. Instead, drive to the nearest police station and get help.

A Short-Term Win May Mean a Long-Term Loss

Momentarily showing another driver their wayward ways can quickly turn into a car accident or fight. The long-term costs of mechanic bills, time lost from work or hospital visits isn’t worth it. For more tips on driving safety, check out our car accidents blog. If you are ever involved in a road rage-incident or accident involving an aggressive motorist, this is when you may need an attorney after a car accident.

A claim can recover compensation that includes monies not only for your physical injuries, but also the mental trauma and suffering that you have experienced as a result of the aggressive behavior. Call 425-399-7000 to speak with Bellevue car accident attorney Max Meyers, or fill out the contact form and schedule a consultation.


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