Road Marking Paint is a Lifesaver for Pedestrians

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Seattle is currently investing in a number of measures to increase pedestrian safety. One of those measures involves the use of high-quality and expensive road marking paint to paint crosswalks.

Many Seattle Crosswalks in Poor Condition

The Seattle Department of Transportation estimates that as many as 27 percent of the pedestrian pathways in the city are in a poor condition. Out of the 5,253 crosswalks across the city, the city rates approximately 1,442 as poor and 689 as fair.

One of the reasons for the condition of the city's crosswalks is poor quality and faded crosswalk striping. That is why the city recently kicked off a new program of crosswalk restriping that is part of an ongoing campaign in Seattle. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has begun implementing ambitious plans to restripe as many as 560 crosswalks across Seattle.

According to officials, the city is using high-quality road paint containing Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) for restriping crosswalks in Seattle. Typically, latex-based road marking paint is used for marking street lanes, while thermoplastic road paint is used for painting crosswalks. According to SDOT engineers however, MMA paint is tougher and lasts longer than ordinary paint.

The SDOT plans to conduct tests on the restriped crosswalks. If the material lives up to its promise and lasts longer, then the city could expand the program to restripe crosswalks across Seattle.

Well-Marked Crosswalks Can Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Painted or marked and designated crosswalks are an important tool in the efforts to keep pedestrians safe while walking. To avoid accidents, pedestrians are encouraged to cross the road only at crosswalks. Marking those crosswalks can help alert drivers to the possibility of pedestrians in the area. Though drivers should always be wary of pedestrians at crosswalks, marked or not.

The effort to use the better road marking paint may help keep crosswalks visible to drivers and pedestrians longer.

What if I’m injured in an accident in a pedestrian crosswalk?

While the new road marking paint may help improve pedestrian safety throughout Seattle, it does not completely eliminate the risk of an accident.

Pedestrians in Seattle who have suffered injuries in accidents at crosswalks can recover compensation for their losses by filing a pedestrian accident claim. This requires proving that a driver is to blame for the accident. For example, one who ignores a marked or unmarked crosswalk and violates the pedestrian’s right of way, causing an accident.

Injured pedestrians may recover compensation that includes various damages, such as those listed below.

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering


In fact, you may recover compensation for injuries even if you are partly at fault for the pedestrian accident. For instance, if you were crossing at a non-crosswalk area and a driver was speeding and not paying attention to the road, then you both may hold some degree of fault for the accident. If you are 40 percent liable for the accident, then you may recover 60 percent of your damages from the driver’s insurance policy.

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