Safely Driving in Rush Hour Traffic in Seattle on Your Motorcycle

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Navigating through rush hour traffic can be a danger—and a headache—while in a car. When on a motorcycle, though, driving through rush hour traffic can be an especially risky endeavor. Here are some tips for safely driving in rush hour traffic while on your motorcycle in Seattle.

Resist the Urge to Lane Split

Lane splitting, or driving up alongside another vehicle and sharing the lane when traffic is moving slowly or is stopped, is currently illegal in Washington State. Lane splitting can also be dangerous, especially when levels of traffic congestion are high.

Washington’s Senate recently approved a measure that would allow lane splitting in the leftmost lane only, the bill is not yet a law. Until it is, lane splitting should be avoided.

Pay Attention to Road Surface Hazards

Roadwork is doubly annoying and dangerous for motorcyclists driving in rush hour traffic. Keep track of roadwork hazards by watching the road and if you have a smartphone, there are multiple traffic apps that alert you to construction before you even hit the area and offer alternative routes. What’s more, pay attention to traffic signs, and follow any reduction in speed requirements.

Make Sure Other Vehicles Can See You

People aren’t always paying attention during rush hour traffic. And if you’re riding when lighting is poor, it’s critical that you take precautions to make yourself visible. Always double check to make sure your motorcycle’s lights are working before heading out, and wear bright colors or reflective clothing.

Choose a Safer Route

While riding on the highway to get to your destination is sometimes a must, if possible, choose a less congested route to get you where you need to go. Going ‘the back way’ or choosing to drive through rural areas can help to keep you safe and reduce your risk of being involved in an accident.

Wear Your Helmet

When navigating through rush hour traffic on your motorcycle, wearing a helmet is an essential safety component. Read our blog for tips on how to choose a safe motorcycle helmet, as well as tips for riding when it’s dark outside.

Ride Sober

Alcohol plays a role in hundreds of fatal motorcycle accidents every year in the U.S. To reduce your chance of being in an accident that causes permanent or fatal injuries, always ride sober. In addition to never drinking prior to riding, also make sure that you travel while awake and alert; fatigued driving can be nearly as dangerous—if not more so—than intoxicated riding.

Call an Attorney if You’re in an Accident

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