Start the School Year Safe! Seattle Tips for Bicycling to School

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With the month of September quickly approaching and the school year about to begin, many children in Seattle will be using a bike to get to and from the classroom. Here are some tips for making sure that bicycling to school goes safely for both parents and children.

Wear a Helmet

The best safety measure that you can take when biking in Seattle and elsewhere is to wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet can protect your head from a catastrophic brain injury in the event of a bicycle or pedestrian crash. Make sure the helmet that you are wearing—or that your child is wearing—fits properly. Check the straps to ensure that the helmet is not sliding or moving on the head. Read our blog for tips on how to buy a helmet in Tacoma.

Cross at Designated Crossing Areas

It’s likely that some streets will need to be crossed to make it all of the way from home to school. When crossing the street, you should utilize a safe crossing area. If you see a school crossing guard at a crosswalk, choose this intersection to cross the street. Do what the crossing guard tells you; failure to listen to a crossing guard’s instructions could lead to an accident.

Travel with a Group

When biking to school, going with a group of students increases visibility and safety. The driver of a car is more likely to be able to spot a group of cyclists rather than just one. Better yet, if your neighborhood has a Safe Routes to School program in place, use this route to commute to and from school.

Improve Visibility

Group riding isn’t the only way to improve visibility; you can also improve visibility by wearing bright colors, or wearing a reflective vest while riding. If riding in the early morning or at dusk (especially when commuting to and from school in the wintertime), equip your bike with both a rear and a front light. What’s more, try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing as doing so can help to ensure that the driver sees you.

Learn More About Safety When Heading to School

Whether you’re walking or biking to school in Seattle, getting there safely is important. If you have legal questions about who may be liable for a bike accident, call Max Meyers Law PLLC today at 425-399-7000

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