Maricor wasn't sure what to do after her accident and Max helped guide her through the claim process.

Following a rear-end accident, Maricor wasn't sure what to do.  She had questions and concerns.

"Being that this was my first accident, I felt like I really needed someone to guide me through the process." Max informed me about the process instead of telling me what to do. "Working with Max is really easy.  I never felt like I couldn't ask him anything."

"Max's biggest concern was that you make sure you get better."  When we resolved my case "my expectations were exceeded, it was really great."

"If someone has been in an accident I definitely recommend they get an attorney, so all their questions can be answered and can understand what is going on and Max is always a good option."

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Max is a Kirkland personal injury attorney handling cases in Seattle, King County & surrounding in WA State.