Max understands what bikers are looking for and their lifestyle

On the day of the accident, I was driving down the road and a car turned in front of me.  I was riding at 35 m.p.h. and hit the car and slid down the road for a while.  It totaled the bike and hurt me pretty good.  After the accident I had head and neck problems.  I had issues with my lower back and some muscle damage.

After the accident, I thought the insurance company would just pay my bike off and pay for my medical bills.  I started getting hassled and they were not paying things off.

I hired another attorney at first, but they wouldn’t call me back, so that is when I found Max.  My case went on for 2 ½-3 years and Max called me every month to let me know what was going on, so that is why I went with him and I am very happy I did.

I got what I wanted – all my bills were paid and my bike was paid off.  After what I thought was a settled case, I got a check for more money.  Max kept fighting for me and was able to get me more.

I would definitely recommend Max to other bikers.  He understands what we are looking for and the lifestyle we live.  He definitely fights for the biker and fights against the insurance company.  I would definitely recommend Max. 

Max Meyers
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Max is a Kirkland personal injury attorney handling cases in Seattle, King County & surrounding in WA State.