Everything was explained in a way I understood.

I was hit in a crosswalk and suffered a badly broken leg.  Surgery was required.  To fix my leg the surgeon had to place a long rod that went the whole length of my tibia.

When I hired Max Meyers Law everything was explained in a way I could understand with out a bunch of legal terms.  A friend highly recommended Max Meyers and I'm so happy I chose him.

Anyone who is in an accident should definitely research your lawyer before signing anything. 

If you're looking for an attorney who is easy to talk to and down to earth while professional at the same time call Max.


If you've been injured a car accident, and aren't sure what to do, or what to say to the insurance adjuster. Stop, and order Car Accident Secrets Unlocked before signing any forms or giving a recorded statement. 

Max Meyers
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Max is a Kirkland personal injury attorney handling cases in Seattle, King County & surrounding in WA State.