Can social media be used against you in court?

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In today’s digital world, the number of people who don’t use social media are few and far between. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, or another site, social media is a large part of many people’s lives. In fact, Facebook had 1.32 billion monthly users and 829 million daily users as of June 2014.

While social media can be a great way to stay connected and share information about your life, it can be detrimental when it comes to pursuing a car accident claim. Social media can be used against you in court or by an insurance adjuster when you are pursuing a settlement with the insurance company.                                                                                                                  

Posting Pictures about Activities

A favorite thing to do on social media sites is to post pictures. While pictures that show you having a great time and engaging in fun activities would normally be fine for social media sites, a single picture can also destroy your car accident claim.

For example, if you file a claim stating that you suffered a severe back or neck injury from your accident and then post a picture of you on a hike or ski trip, the photos will contradict your claimed injury.

When pursuing a lawsuit, it’s best to avoid posting photos at all if you can help it. Furthermore, defendants or insurance adjusters may even use photos from the past – such as one of you falling during an old ski trip – as possible cause of your current knee injury.

Status and Location Updates

Another example of how social media can be used against you in court or during an insurance claim issuing status and locations updates. While a photo may show you participating in an activity that your injury wouldn’t allow, an update of “Great wakeboarding trip!” or a location update showing you at a golf course when you have stated that you have a back injury can be contradictory.

Like photos, it’s in your best interest to avoid positing status or location updates, especially in the event that they’re not in line with your car accident claim.

Personal Interactions and Discussions

Talking about your accident claim or the accident itself on a social media site is another of the dangers of social media. While you may be unaware that you’re doing so, you may post something that contradicts your claim or assigns fault to you. Even being apologetic about the accident can be construed as an indication of guilt or fault.

Use Social Media Wisely or Don’t Use at All

When it comes to filing a car accident claim, know how social media can be used against you in court or by the insurance adjuster. Keeping the information between you and your attorney is within your best interest.

While social media is a fun way to connect with people, there are many dangers of social media use.

  • posting comments about your accident or injuries.
  • uploading photos.
  • or announcing status or location updates that contradict your accident claim.

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