Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips for Redmond Motorcyclists

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Cold weather motorcycle riding is challenging. Staying warm is one concern, but staying safe and avoiding accidents is the largest concern. Rain, fog, ice and snow complicate the traveling process for everyone, but Redmond motorcyclists face exceptional considerations in adverse weather conditions.

In the fall, be prepared for rainy, leaf-covered roads and foggy mornings. Winter often brings slippery, slushy and ice- or snow-covered roads. Being prepared and understanding what precautions you can take to protect yourself can help ensure you arrive safely at your intended destination.

Tips for Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding

The following tips are intended as a guide to safely riding a motorcycle in cold weather. However, remember that if road conditions are severely compromised, it is best to leave your motorcycle at home.

  • Dress for the weather: Your ride will be miserable if you are cold and wet while riding. A simple, primary precaution you can take before the season begins is investing in appropriate and protective riding gear. Protective boots, a coat, and gloves will keep you warm and help act as protection if you crash. Wearing a motorcycle helmet will help keep your head warm and is an essential piece of safety gear to reduce risk of head injuries.
  • Prepare your bike: Winter riding warrants some preparatory action when it comes to bike maintenance. Investing in a windscreen and hand guards can help keep you warm and protect you from road slush and debris while riding. Check hoses and fluids to be sure that your bike is in winter-ready condition prior to riding.
  • Practice safe winter riding: Remember that your tires are cold at this time of year and therefore offer less traction and control. Drive cautiously and allow them to heat up. Avoid icy patches on the road, salted areas on the road, and patches that look wet (black ice). Try to travel in the tracks of other vehicles on snow covered roads. Maintain safe distances from other vehicles on the road, allowing ample time to stop when necessary and watch for road hazards well ahead on the roadway.
  • Have a plan in case you need help: Make sure you have a backup plan in the event you need help while traveling in adverse weather. Investigate towing services that may be available to pick you and the motorcycle up in the event you crash or road conditions become impassable for your bike.

Call Max Meyers if you’ve been in an Accident

Even if you practice safe winter riding, you may find yourself in an accident because of poor road conditions or the negligence of another driver. If injured, you incur costly medical bills and/or miss time at work.

If you’re in a motorcycle accident in Redmond that another driver caused – such as one who was speeding or driving erratically in the winter weather – you may pursue legal action to recover damages. Call Max Meyers Law today at 425-399-7000 to set up a consultation.

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