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injured motorcycle rider after crash with carThe aftermath of a Washington motorcycle accident can be physically and financially catastrophic. You might find yourself facing a seemingly insurmountable and ever-growing mountain of medical debt, health care expenses, and co-pays. Even if your injuries are not life-threatening or disabling, you may have been forced to take days, weeks, or even months away from work, depriving you of the same income you need to provide for your family and keep a roof over your head.

Whenever you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, Washington law allows you to file a personal injury claim to reimburse you for your losses. However, many people never get the money they need to get better, mistakenly believing that they cannot afford a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney.

In reality, hiring a lawyer can help you obtain a bigger and better settlement, all without paying a single penny out of pocket.

Why You Don’t Need to Pay for An Experienced Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

People often think that the best lawyers charge a lot of money for their services.

However, not every legal practice area has the same type of fee schedule. It is true that a reputable, high-profile criminal defense attorney is likely to have a high hourly rate. But personal injury firms like Max Meyers Law adhere to a different model. We never ask our clients—many of whom are injured, disabled, or grieving the loss of a loved one—to pay us before we know whether—and how much—we can win for them.

At Max Meyers Law, we believe that nobody should have to pay for another person’s poor decision. When we take on a new case, we never ask our clients to pay us an hourly rate. In fact, we do not even seek reimbursement for the expenses associated with investigating a motorcycle accident, negotiating an insurance settlement, or taking a claim to court.

Instead, we work on what is often called a “contingency fee basis.” This means that we take our payment as a flat percentage of your eventual settlement. If we are not successful in pursuing a personal injury claim, we do not get paid, and we do not send you the bill for our unsuccessful efforts.

The Risks of Representing Yourself

While you might not need to pay out of pocket to afford the services of a highly-skilled, experienced, and well-respected motorcycle crash attorney, you most likely do need a lawyer to secure a fair and equitable settlement.

Unfortunately, even seemingly open-and-shut motorcycle accident claims can present unexpected challenges. If you do not have competent legal representation, you could jeopardize your claim by:

  • Missing important document filing deadlines
  • Misinterpreting communications from the insurance company
  • Oversharing information with an adjuster
  • Losing critical evidence from the crash
  • Misunderstanding Washington’s legal expectations for the valuation of damages
  • Accepting an inadequate settlement

How Working With a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Bolster Your Odds of Recovery

Hiring a good Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer does not have any risks: you do not pay for your initial consultation, for our legal expenses, or for our services.

However, hiring an experienced personal injury attorney does afford you significant advantages. Research has shown, time and time again, that personal injury claimants with attorneys are more likely to:

  • Negotiate a successful insurance claim
  • Win a personal injury lawsuit
  • Receive significant compensation

Max Meyers Law has a proven track record of success. We can help you construct a compelling, evidence-based case for compensation, demonstrating that another person’s negligence caused your injuries. Even if the defendant’s insurance company rejects your claim, we could aggressively advocate for you in court, letting you focus on your physical recovery while we focus on winning your case.

Washington state does not currently cap the damages you could receive after a Seattle-area motorcycle crash, allowing you to pursue the compensation you need to recover after a serious accident.

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