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Few people understand how great riding a motorcycle is until they finally have the opportunity to get on one. It's easy to get hooked on the thrill after that first ride, and many people who own motorcycles can't imagine their lives without their bikes.

However, being a responsible motorcyclist also means you need to ride safely. This doesn't mean you need to drive at 15 miles an hour and wear a giant padded suit, but it does mean you need to know how to keep yourself safe—and how to keep other motorists safe as well.

The best motorcyclists know that safety comes first:

  • "Drive to Survive." You may feel invincible when you're out on your bike, but you need to face the facts: you're the most vulnerable motorist on the road. You're not in an enclosed vehicle and you're right out in the open for any car that wants to hit you. Never trust that another driver is following the rules of the road and won't make a bad decision that could ultimately cost you your life. Driving to survive means that you need to pay attention at all times, avoid aggressive driving, and follow all traffic rules.
  • Be Aware of Blind Spots. Cars, and especially large trucks, have blind spots where they simply can't see you on your motorcycle. Did you know that among an 18-wheeler's several blind spots is the area directly in front of the truck? Know where common blind spots are on these vehicles and make sure you stay out of them.
  • Make Sure Your Motorcycle Fits. Just like we try on clothes for size, you need to try on motorcycles as well. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that you should be able to touch the ground with both feet when you're on the bike. If you're going to ride with a passenger, make sure there's a passenger seat and foot pegs.


Watch out for yourself at all times and you'll have a greater chance at avoiding motorcycle accidents altogether.

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