How to Report a Traffic Safety Concern in Bellevue

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Traffic safety is a high priority in Bellevue. There are numerous ongoing projects geared toward improving roadway safety, and there’s a complaint process residents can use if they have a particular traffic concern.

If you’re troubled or frustrated about a traffic issue in your areas such as speeding in a residential neighborhood or illegal parking that you think might cause car accidents or distracted driving you’ll want to report the traffic safety concern to the City of Bellevue so that officials can investigate (and hopefully amend) the hazard or concern.

How to Report Traffic Safety Issues in Bellevue

The best way to report a traffic safety concern in Bellevue is to visit the city’s website and fill out the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services Request for Action. You can use the form to report issues such as non-local parking, accidents, and high traffic volume. You should provide as much information as possible on the form.

City officials will review your submissions and then contact you with recommendations. Instead of the online form, you can contact the Transportation Department at 425-452-6457 if you prefer to speak with someone in person.

Note, this form is for non-emergency complaints; if you need police reinforcement, you would be better served by calling the Police Department or submitting a traffic service request. Also, if you merely need to report a street light outage or traffic signal problem, you can just submit a maintenance request.

How the City Responds to Complaints

Reporting a concern demonstrates good citizenship and helps keep all the members of our town safer on the roads. It also enables the city to do its job to improve highway safety. The City of Bellevue aims to address each traffic safety concern that citizens submit and then implement a plan of action.

When they receive a complaint, officials stick to the following traffic safety process.

  • They read the details of your submission.
  • Staff members will travel to the location and investigate the conditions. They may decide to conduct tests such as volume counts or study a reported accident in the area.
  • They will develop a “Traffic Action Plan” that specifically targets the issue.
  • Then the staff and citizens will work together on implementing the plan.
  • Lastly, the city will conduct follow-up studies to evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme and implement any changes.


There are numerous Traffic Action Plans currently being implemented in Bellevue. For example, there is a plan to narrow the roadway with medians and curbs to reduce vehicle speeds along 123rd Avenue Southeast, from Southeast 20th Place to Southeast 26th Street. You can read about other ongoing traffic safety projects and download traffic safety publications and tools on the City of Bellevue’s website.

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