Ride Safely in the Dark: Tips for Motorcycle Riding at Night

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Whether it’s for commuting or traveling, work or pleasure, riding during the night is sometimes a must for motorcyclists. Because visibility is impaired and motorcyclists can be harder to see after daylight hours, it’s important to take extra safety precautions when riding at night. These tips for motorcycle riding at night can help keep you safe.

Make Sure All Motorcycle Lights Are Working Properly

During the evening hours, lights on a motorcycle may be the most important element of keeping a motorcyclist safe. Before heading out on a ride, make sure that all lights on a motorcycle—like headlights and brake lights—are working as they should. If the lights aren’t working, seek repairs before riding. Also, consider investing in additional lighting for increased visibility.

Wear Bright Colors and Reflective Accessories

Ditch the black leather jacket stereotype and invest in some brightly colored clothing—like neon or florescent yellow—and reflective accessories and tape. Wearing bright colors and using reflectors greatly improves a motorist’s ability to spot a motorcyclist, keeping both safer on the road.

Use Blind Spot Mirrors

Despite their small size, even motorcycles have blind spots that their riders should know. Using the right mirrors, though, such as a blind spot or spotter mirror, can help a motorcyclist to see approaching traffic from the rear.

Because the motorist not be able to the motorcyclist due to poor visibility, it is often up to the biker to keep tabs on the other drivers. Even if you have great mirrors, always do an over-the-shoulder head check before lane changing to make sure your blind spots are clear.

Always Ride Sober

Sober riding is important at all times of the day. But during the evening, drunk riding is more common, and the chance of an accident occurring based on other factors (like poor visibility) is higher. According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists killed in accidents during the night in 2012 were three times more likely to have a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 percent or higher.

Familiarize Yourself with Safe Riding

The tips listed are key for safe motorcycle driving in the dark. However, learning about other safe riding factors—like the safest motorcycles on the market or how to choose a motorcycle helmet—is also important. Follow these topics by reading our motorcycle accidents blog.

Even the safest riders cannot always prevent an accident from occurring. If you’re in a motorcycle accident in Washington State, contact the attorneys at Max Meyers Law PLLC to learn more about your options for recovery. Dial 425-399-7000 today. 

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