Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle with a Passenger

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Riding a motorcycle with a passenger can be a fun way to commute, go on a road trip, explore, or enjoy a friend or loved one’s company. Before allowing a passenger to hop on to your bike, though, make sure you read these safety tips for riding a motorcycle with a passenger to avoid motorcycle accidents.

Have Enough Experience Under Your Belt First

When you first get your motorcycle license, you may be tempted to take your friends and family members out for a ride right away. There is no set time limit to wait until you can take someone out so you will have to determine this yourself.

Until you’re very comfortable riding, i.e., you are not 'white-knuckle' riding, and you feel comfortable driving through traffic, resist the urge to invite someone along. You might want to take someone on a test ride through a parking lot first, to see if s/he can handle the responsibilities of a rider, such as, looking over your shoulder as you turn, and waiting until you get on or off to do the same.

Make Sure You and Your Passenger are Wearing Protective Gear

Sharing protective gear is great but if you consistently have passengers on your bike, seriously consider purchasing an additional helmet at the least. The fact that wearing a helmet is a law in Washington is only one reason to wear a motorcycle accident.

Protective gear that you shouldn’t ever pass up includes the following listed below.

  • A DOT or Snell-certified helmet
  • Riding goggles/protective eyewear
  • Proper riding boots
  • Long pants and sleeves to protect skin from road rash
  • Riding gloves


You should also consider investing in helmets with face shields, which can protect the face from flying debris.

Be Aware of Your Passenger’s Extra Weight

When you’re riding with a passenger, your bike will not handle the same way that it does when you’re traveling solo. With an extra passenger, you’ll need to take turns more slowly, and allow yourself more room to stop. Also, remember that the extra weight of your passenger will increase the power of your rear brake, so brake gently.

Talk to Your Passenger about Safe Riding

If your passenger isn’t an experienced motorcyclist or motorcycle rider, have a talk with them about what to expect while riding. Also, remind your passenger never to make sudden movements, that they should hold on tightly at all times, and that feet should always remain of footrests.

Learn More about Motorcycle Safety and What to Do in an Accident

You can learn more about motorcycle safety in Washington State by reading our motorcycle accidents blog. And if you ever are in a motorcycle crash, we’ll help you learn about your recovery options. To set up a free consultation with us today, call Max Meyers Law PLLC at 425-399-7000 now.

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