Using Video Evidence to Boost Your Car Accident Claim

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There are several pieces of evidence that you can present in support of your car accident claim. We cover all of them in our free eBook, Car Accident Secrets Unlocked. Here, we will focus on just one type, although it is certainly one of the most beneficial types of evidence that you can present: video evidence. This can be things like surveillance camera film or red light camera footage that clearly shows that the other motorist in your accident was negligent, and therefore liable.

Video footage can help benefit all types of accident claims. Whether you are a pedestrian hit by a car at a crosswalk, or a bicyclist injured by a speeding car, if you can provide video evidence of the scene of the accident that clearly shows that the defendant was negligent, you increase your chances of compensation recovery.

Red Light Cameras

One of the most important pieces of evidence that you can provide is footage from a red light camera. The city of Tacoma has several such red light and speed cameras located around the city. If your accident occurred near any of these camera-equipped intersections, you can obtain the evidence from a camera that can provide evidence in support of your claim.

Camera footage can prove that the other motorist in your case ran a red light just before the accident. If the other motorist claims that you were the one who run the red light, and therefore caused the accident, the evidence can help prove him wrong. Pictures from red light cameras can also help determine if the other motorist was speeding at the time of the accident.

You will likely need to contact a third-party owner for this rather than the city of Tacoma. If this sounds like it will be too much work, a car accident lawyer can assist you.

Store Surveillance Cameras

If there was no traffic camera near the scene of your accident, you can also look for video surveillance footage from local stores. Many convenience stores and gas stations in Tacoma have cameras installed. Also look for footage from local ATMs located near the scene of an accident. ATM cameras will typically have not just in-store and close-up footage, but also footage of the surrounding areas. There is a very good chance that your accident was recorded on the camera.

Such video evidence can help you bolster your claim. Eyewitness statements are very effective, but you may not have an eyewitness at the scene, especially if your accident occurred at night. Besides, attorneys for the defendant may try to refute eyewitness statements or confuse the eyewitness. Video evidence, on the other hand, is clear, and difficult to refute.

To learn how you can get started collecting video evidence to build a strong car accident claim, speak to Tacoma car accident lawyer Max Meyers. You can call 425-399-7000 to speak to attorney Meyers, or fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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