Can I file an injury claim with minimal vehicle damage?

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The absence of vehicle damage should not impair your ability to collect an injury settlement. However, many insurance companies deny injury claims because the vehicle damage is not consistent with the claimant’s injuries. While insurance companies are within their right to question your injuries if there was little vehicle damage, some injuries can occur without vehicle damage. If you are having trouble recovering compensation from an injury claim with minimal vehicle damage, Max Meyers can help.

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Does my vehicle have to show damage on the outside?

No, a well-built bumper in a rear-end collision might show no signs of damage. However, the force of the impact could cause internal damage to your bumper, trunk, and even wheel alignment. Most manufacturers use a foam and steel core to make their bumpers and then cover it with an external plastic shell. This plastic shell will take the brunt of the impact, pushing the plastic back into the foam.

Plastic is pliable, and a dent can easily pop back into shape on its own, leaving little to no signs of impact. However, the interior core could suffer damage and therefore reduce your protection in a later, more serious accident.

It is important to have a mechanic inspect your vehicle for hidden damage and include his/her report in your claim.

How can I be injured if my vehicle has no damage?

Today's vehicle manufacturers are designing smarter cars, capable of reducing damage in crashes. The addition of crumple zones and reinforced impact areas help a vehicle sustain less damage when another car hits it. However, even if your vehicle does not show outward signs of damage, the contents within — you and your passengers — can suffer serious injuries in a collision.

When a moving object such as a car comes to an abrupt stop, the items inside do not stop at the same moment. Therefore, upon impact, your body continues to move forward. This movement can cause whiplash, back injuries, and much more.

If the force forward is great enough, you could also suffer bruises and damage to your chest and abdomen from where the seat belt holds you back. If the airbags deploy, the bag force could injure your face, head, or arms.

How can insurance companies deny my injury claim for lack of vehicle damage?

Even though property damage should have no effect on your injury claim, insurers can and will use any excuse to deny your claim.

It is not right, but unless the insurer is acting in bad faith (e.g., committing deceptive practices, failing to uphold duties, etc.), it is likely not violating any rules.

What can I do to preserve my injury claim?

The insurance company might claim your injuries are pre-existing and could not have occurred from the car accident. If this is the case, your medical evidence should be able to prove them wrong.

We can collect your medical records from before the accident and compare them with your post-accident diagnosis. Additionally, doctors can sometimes determine how old an injury is by looking at scar tissue or scans of the area. When necessary, we can bring in medical experts to testify on behalf of your claim. 

You should also make sure to call the police and have them investigate the scene to create a police report. If there are witnesses, their testimony could help prove how the accident occurred and verify that there was an impact between your vehicle and the other vehicle.

When You Are Injured, Do Not Take No for an Answer

The insurance companies will not pay out for a claim unless they have to. If you do not pursue your settlement with solid information and evidence of your right to injury damages, you will likely lose the compensation you deserve. Max Meyers Law is here to help Seattle residents avoid this situation, no matter how little damage is visible on their vehicle.

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