What is my Seattle car, bicycle, or motorcycle accident case worth?

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The answer is not as simple as you might think.  Unfortunately, there is no magic formula or calculation where you plug in the numbers and a value is spit out.  The old saying about multiplying your medical bills by 3, 4 or whatever and that’s your case value is false.  Determining what your injury case is worth is more complicated.  

There are multiple factors that influence case value:

medical bills,

loss of wages,

loss of ability to do your job/profession,

permanent injuries if any,

length of recovery time,

frequency of injury symptoms,

severity of injury symptoms,

intangible harms (like pain, frustration, stress, humiliation experience when recovering from injuries),

and more.  

Accident victims can be entitled to compensation for some or all of the above factors depending on the specific injuries suffered.

The biggest impact in determining the value of an injury accident case is the total cost, extent, and length of medical treatment and whether a full recovery was made or if there are permanent and lingering injuries.  If you treat for only a couple months and make a full recovery your case value is less than someone who treats for years and is left with a permanent injury.  The more severe your injuries the more likely you will benefit, often greatly, from hiring an attorney to help you with your case.

The best way to get a range of what your Washington car, bicycle or motorcycle accident case may be worth is to talk to an experienced, knowledgeable attorney in your local area. If you have questions now, give me a call at 425-399-7000.  

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