10 Questions to Ask an Attorney Before Hiring

Hiring a personal injury attorney is an important decision to resolve grievances of all kinds related to some form of negligence or an accident. Personal injury attorneys frequently must deal with people who’ve faced monumental suffering because of car wrecks, motorcycle wrecks, and more.

Their injuries tend can be life changing, sometimes even involving lifetime care for debilitating injuries. So if you’re in this situation, make sure you find a personal injury lawyer who understands the pain you and your family have sustained, and who commands the knowledge and professional standards to do so ethically.

Below are ten questions you should ask before hiring an attorney to represent your personal injury claim.

Questions to Ask an Attorney Prior to Hiring

Many attorneys offer free initial consultations, which can provide an opportunity to discuss the nature of your case, learn about your legal options, and determine if the attorney is a good fit for you.

To that end, ask an attorney the following ten questions:

  • Is he or she licensed in the state of Washington?
  • Does he or she have experience with your type of personal injury (e.g., car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc.)?
  • Has he or she handled cases similar to yours and what were the outcomes?
  • Does he or she have trial experience? While settlements are often preferable, some cases may go to court if the claimant does not receive an adequate settlement offer.
  • What fees does he or she charge? Find out how the costs of investigating and preparing your case will be covered, too. Make sure you get the fee agreement in writing.
  • Will he or she personally oversee your case? Will your case later be delegated to someone else in the office?
  • What is the policy on keeping you updated about the case? Personal injury cases can take years to resolve. Ask if you will receive emails, meet regularly, talk on the phone, etc., to receive updates and discuss progress.


Some case-related questions that can help you better understand your claim:

  • What is the legal strategy? How does the attorney plan to establish the other party’s liability and the extent of your damages?
  • What types of evidence should you collect? Will he or she help you collect it?
  • Ask his or her opinion of your case’s outlook. Does it appear favorable? Will it likely settle? Are there troubling limitations? Attorneys can’t make guarantees, but discussing these issues can help you get an idea about the strength of your case and what to expect.

Take Advantage of a Free Consultation

Max Meyers Law in Kirkland is happy to provide a free consultation about your personal injury case. During your consultation, you can ask all of the above questions and any others you may have.

Call Max Meyers at 425-399-7000 to set up a free initial consultation about your case.

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