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Car owners often may not consider whether their vehicles have manufacturing defects that could compromise their safety. They’ll trust car manufacturers to deliver timely and comprehensive notices of a potential safety risk on any of their models. But in some cases, car owners are unaware of recalls that can affect the function of their tires, mechanical systems, safety systems or other operating systems of their vehicle.

Recent News about Recall Notifications

A TV news crew in Evans, Ga., interviewed several car owners for their newscast to determine whether they were up to date on any recalls affecting their vehicles. The WRDW News crew used the free cell phone app issued by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to access recall data for each owner’s vehicle, then compared the data with any knowledge the owner had about needed repairs on their cars. The findings were staggering.

One woman was unaware of recalls on her 2009 Jeep Wrangler for flaws including dangerous floor liner tearing that could trap brake or gas pedals, airbag, clock spring, assembly malfunctions and a potential for partial brake loss. Even though she obtained routine maintenance services and had ongoing communication with her Jeep dealership, she had not been notified of the safety recalls. The app was her first notice about the needed repairs.

Another interviewee, a young mother, learned that her 2005 Mazda had a recall order due to an airbag deployment malfunction, a necessary repair issue she was never made aware of.

The App

Initially released in March of 2013, the Safercar app is free for Apple and Android smartphone users. The app provides updates and notifications that include the following safety information for vehicle owners.

  • Recalls and/or complaints: Safercar users can register for notifications from NHTSA anytime a recall or complaint affecting their vehicles is announced. App users will be notified of any safety information about their cars, often before they receive recall notices in the mail. In addition, searches can be made for recalls on vehicles, and complaints about vehicles can be sent to NHTSA via the app.
  • Safety news: Safercar will notify app users of any safety headlines or news that affect a vehicle the user has recorded with the program.
  • Five-Star safety ratings data: Car buyers can use the Safercar app to check safety ratings on vehicles they are considering for purchase. The app also allows for comparisons among makes and models.

Get the App Now

The app can be downloaded via iTunes or your Android play app store. There is no cost for download, and the size of the app is 8.1 MB. The latest release is dated September 19, 2014.

If you own a vehicle, you can avoid potential disaster resulting from unknown manufacturing defects that affect your car’s tires or operating or safety systems. Based on the WRDW interviews, some car owners are unaware of basic safety recalls on their vehicles. Smartphone users can increase their chances of being notified of important safety information by downloading this app.

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