New General Motors Recall: Faulty Fuel Gauges in GM SUVs

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Many Seattle drivers rely on their SUVs everyday to provide transportation for themselves and their families. However, General Motors has recently issued a recall on 51,640 of its 2014 SUV models from three of its brands.

Fuel Gauge Problems Lead to Latest General Motors Recall

The basic problem with these GM SUVs is that a faulty software program in the engine control module causes the vehicle's fuel gauge to read inaccurately. It may be off by as much as one quarter of a tank leading to potentially dangerous situations.

If the driver mistakenly believes she has one quarter of a tank of gas, but actually has no gas, the car may stall and shut down on the roadway. This can lead to accidents. Additionally, since the vehicle has no power, many of its safety features may not operate, increasing the risk of injury.

Below are the affected vehicles:

  • 2014 Buick Enclave;
  • 2014 Chevrolet Traverse; and
  • 2014 GMC Acadia.


The affected vehicles were manufactured between March 26, 2013 and August 15, 2013. This latest news comes on top of around seven million cars for which GM has issued recalls this year.

Most famously, the company issued a $2.6 million car recall for cars affected by problems with the ignition system. This defect has been linked to at least 13 deaths, but the full extent of the damage remains unknown at this time. GM may establish a compensation fund for victims of the ignition system defect.

How to Get My Recalled SUV Fixed

As part of the recall, General Motors has promised to reprogram the faulty software in the affected vehicles at local dealers for no cost to the drivers. Under guidelines issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the company is required to send out letters to affected owners within 60 days of filing the recall. GM filed the recall on April 29, 2014.

If you believe your SUV may be one of the defective vehicles, you can use the following numbers to learn more about the recall:

  • Buick: 800-521-7300;
  • Chevrolet: 800-222-1020;
  • GMC: 800-462-8782; and,
  • NHTSA: 888-327-4236 or visit

What to Do if Injured by a Vehicle Defect

If you were injured in a car accident as a result of a car defect, you may be able to recover damages from the accident. This is true if your car is defective or if you believe the other driver's car was defective.

You’ll need to prove three conditions in order to win your case:

  • you were injured in your accident and suffered damages;
  • your car or the other driver's car contained a defect; and
  • the defect caused your accident.


These cases can be difficult as there are many technical and complex factors affecting them. Additionally, the car manufacturer may claim someone’s negligent driving caused your particular accident and the defect had nothing to do with it.

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