Safety Guide for Biking to Work in Kirkland

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The increase in bicyclists in the Kirkland region over the past few years is directly attributed to an increase in the number of bicyclists who choose to commute to work. The spike in bicycle commuting began during the recession, when job insecurities and high gas prices discouraged persons from driving to work.  Many people abandoned their cars, and took to riding to work instead.

However, bicycling to work, while convenient, enjoyable and very healthy, is not without its risks. Read on to learn how you can enjoy bicycling while staying safe.

Unfortunately, many people who bicycle believe that staying safe while riding, only involves maintaining balance and avoiding getting hit by a car. The fact is that many accidents occur, not when cars are speeding, but when Kirkland bicyclists are turning, or crossing traffic. In other words, simple bicyclist mistakes may increase the risk of injuries.

Tips for Safe Biking to Work

If you love to bicycle to work, or just want to try it out, here are some tips:

  • Avoid sidewalks like the plague – This is a common mistake that many bicyclists make. Sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. You are at risk of hitting a pedestrian, causing injury to yourself and others when you ride on the sidewalk. Ride on the right side of the road and with traffic, never in the face of oncoming traffic.

  • Always wear a helmet – It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law for all ages in Seattle. If you want a good one, look out for Smart Helmets!

  • Be visible to every motorist – That means that you wear bright, visible clothing. If you are riding to work in your formal, sober clothing, you are less visible to motorists. Compensate by wearing a brightly- colored jacket, or a neon helmet. Get a headlight.  Make eye contact with motorists – wave at them if you have to.

  • Learn the traffic rules of the road – Breaking traffic rules not only places you at risk of injuries in an accident, but could also affect your chances to recover compensation after an accident.

        Learn about General Biking Rules
        Information on Washington Biking laws

  • No Road Rage – Avoid aggressive acts and hostility. Stay calm even when motorists are hostile towards you. Take a deep breath and live to pedal another day. Remember, in any altercation between you and a motorist, you are at a great risk of injury.

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