Expert Witnesses in Motorcycle Accidents Lawsuits

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Motorcycle accident expert witnesses are key to proving how the accident occurred, who caused it, and the value of your damages. Motorcyclists are often already facing bias and pre-judgement suggesting they were reckless and caused or at least contributed to the accident. It makes it even more important to build your case if you were in a motorcycle accident. Expert testimony may carry a lot of weight to fight the bias and present convincing evidence of liability and damages.

An expert witness is anyone who possesses the education, training, or experience that gives them a level of understanding or insight of a subject beyond common knowledge. Below are several types of expert witnesses who may provide testimony about a motorcycle accident, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Automotive Expert Witness

These experts often have extensive knowledge of product defects in cars, trucks and motorcycles. Bringing them into your trial can help establish whether there was a defect in your motorcycle or even the vehicle that struck you.

If there was a defect present, then the manufacturer may be liable for the accident rather than a driver. A repair or maintenance company may be liable in some cases if they created the defect with substandard work.

Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

Accident reconstruction experts help paint a picture of your accident and how it occurred. They examine the vehicles, tire skid marks at the scene, and other important evidence to identify the causes of and contributing factors to the accident. They can provide testify valuable testimony that helps you establish the other party’s fault and liability for the accident.

Medical Expert Witness

Having a medical expert testify in your motorcycle accident case can help establish the extent of your injuries and your prognosis. A medical expert may also provide testimony disputing the insurance company’s claim that your injuries are pre-existing. This testimony can help you establish the types of damages you suffered because of the accident (pain and suffering, rehabilitation and medical care, etc.) and the value of your damages, particularly the economic costs of your short- and long-term care.

Vocational or Occupational Expert Witness

A lot of motorcyclists have trouble working for a certain period after an accident. Given the relative lack of safety equipment to protect motorcyclists, many suffer severe and significant injuries. A vocational or occupational expert can testify about your limitations and ability to work in your current profession or adapt to a new profession. This helps establish not only your lost wages while you are recovering, but any loss of earning capacity related to your injuries.

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