Fatal Semi-Truck Accident on I-405 Near Bellevue & I-90

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Posted on Jun 06, 2014

Early this morning a fatal semi-truck accident happened on I-405 near I-90 in Bellevue, WA.  A 24 year-old woman hit a deer on the 405 freeway and her car was disabled.  She was waiting in her car for help when a semi-truck slammed into the rear of her car killing her in the process.

The Washington State Patrol Trooper on scene recommended that if your vehicle is disabled on a freeway, you should exit your car and wait on the side of the roadway.

Vehicles traveling at 60+ miles per hour in dark or dawn lighting conditions may not be able to stop in time or avoid a collision with your car.  If a large commercial vehicle like a semi-truck hits a car at 60+ mph fatal consequences are often the result.

Collision like this are complicated from an insurance perspective.  A driver needs to be able to respond to an emergency situation that appears in the roadway ahead.  What the semi-truck driver did and didn't do will determine the extent of his negligence.  Either way, the young woman's family has legal rights they can assert against the semi-truck.  A wrongful death claim is likely in the future.

Our prayers go out to this young woman's family! 





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