Kardashian Fender Bender ends in Hugs - Celebrity car accidents

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Posted on Mar 11, 2014

Kim Kardashian was involved in a little fender fight today. A minor car accident occurred when Kim tried to make a left turn at an intersection.  A vehicle approaching had its right turn signal on, so Kim started to turn left anticapting the car would turn right, but the car went straight instead of turning. A collision resulted.

Let's be honest most of us would be pissed at the driver for not turning despite us maybe turning left a little early. Not Kim, she reportedly was polite with the other driver. They exchange information and hugged afterwards. Kanye West was with Kim in the car and even offered to pay for the damages. Crazy! Look out, Kanye, this kind of good press could hurt your street cred.

Here are some tips following a minor accident with no injuries:

  • take a breathe and don't freak out
  • be polite with other driver
  • pull off the roadway if possible
  • call police if damage looks like it would be over $700
  • exchange information - name, address, phone, insurance info
  • take pictures of scene - from close and far at all angles
  • report accident to insurance asap

Love that Kim Kardashian has set a good example in dealing with this common driver accident senario. Good on ya, Kim!


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