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Bicycling through Redmond is one of the most pleasant and eco-friendly ways to view the entire city. You can cruise along the Sammamish River trail, check out the open space and even ride along the downtown roads, all within a single afternoon.

Unfortunately, though, while riding a bike throughout this beautiful town may be a great gas-free alternative to driving a car, you also may be at risk of a bicycle accident if you encounter a negligent driver. And if you suffer serious injuries, it is imperative to have the help and support of a legal professional who can advise you of your rights as well as how to file a claim for compensation.

Did your wreck involve another driver?

A variety of moving or even stationary objects on the road can cause bicycle accidents. Some of the most dangerous actions that might cause a bicycle accident include:

  • a driver making an unsafe turn;
  • a driver or passenger opening a door as the bicycle passes by;
  • a bicyclist weaving in and out of traffic or leaving a designated bike lane; and
  • a bicyclist riding without headlights or reflectors, especially at night.


A motor vehicle doesn’t necessarily have to collide with a bicyclist in order for an accident to occur. If a driver makes an unsafe turn in the road, causing the bicyclist to swerve and crash, the motorist still may be liable for any damages that result. Injured bicyclists can file an accident claim with the driver’s or even their own insurance provider in order to recover compensation.

Crashes Due to Unsafe Conditions

Even if a driver didn’t cause your accident, you still may have the right to file a claim, depending on the circumstances. A bicycle accident may be caused by the bicyclist:

  • slipping and falling due to invisible ice;
  • colliding with an unmarked obstacle; or
  • falling into an unmarked hole in the road or other pathway.


In the event that your accident is due to a collision with another obstacle or by slipping or falling due to anything in the road, the owner of the property on which the wreck occurred may be liable for neglecting to mark or remove the hazard. The bicyclist must establish that the hazard caused the accident and that the property owner knew or should have known of the hazard but failed to correct it.

Delaying May Prevent You from Receiving Compensation

The Revised Code of Washington Section 4.16.080 dictates the statute of limitations is only three years. Enlisting the help of an accident attorney today can help you avoid missing this timeline if you wish to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against a negligent driver.

Call an Attorney in Redmond Today

It is an unfortunate truth that even the safest of bicyclists may find themselves involved in an accident at some point. And in such a scenario, bicyclists who are seriously injured should enlist the help of a personal injury attorney familiar with bicycle accident cases.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Redmond or the nearby areas, contact the lawyers at Max Meyers Law, PLLC. We can help you evaluate your case, collect the proper evidence, and file a claim against a negligent driver or property owner. Contact Max Meyers today at .

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