What happens if you're hit by a car that doesn't have insurance?

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Hopefully you have purchased uninsured or underinsured coverage on your auto insurance policy.  Uninsured or underinsured coverage is also known as UM or UIM coverage.

This insurance coverage will cover your damages in the event that the other car that hit you does not have insurance.  UM/UIM is required in Washington State law, you must have at least $25,000.00 of this coverage on your auto policy unless you signed a written waiver declining it at the time you purchased your car insurance.

If you are hit by a car that does not have insurance then you would look to your own auto insurance policy to see if you have UM or UIM to provide you some coverage to pay for all of your harms and losses.

If worst case scenario, the at-fault vehicle is uninsured and you don't have UM/UIM on your auto policy, then you will likely have to pay for all your accident damage out of your own pocket.

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