What to Collect: Evidence in Truck Accident Claim in Tacoma

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There could be multiple parties against whom you file a truck accident claim after a Tacoma crash. The process of collecting evidence in truck accident claim can reveal the liable parties if you know how to read it. Look for these important pieces of evidence when building your case against the trucking company that caused your injuries and property damage.

Police Reports

Starting with the most basic piece of evidence there is, a police report is essential. If you weren't given a copy of the truck accident police report at the time of the collision, you can call the police department to request one. Also, try www.SouthSound911.org to request a copy.

Witness Statements

If there were any witnesses to the Tacoma truck crash, get their statements about what they saw happen. The sooner that you get in contact with witnesses after the accident occurs, the better. A local truck crash attorney can help you track down the witness statements.


Gather photos of all the damages, both bodily and property. Photos of damage to the surrounding area, like a median or curb, can help to illustrate how a crash may have happened. Photographic evidence is a great way to substantiate a claim.

Video Footage

Not all truck accidents are recorded on video. But, sometimes, a business camera, traffic camera, or even an individual's recording device may catch the entire thing. If possible, obtain video footage immediately, as video can be one of the easiest ways to establish fault.

Driver's Logs

Drivers are required to keep logs of their hours and work. If evidence in a log suggests that a driver was driving over the maximum amount of hours allowed under federal law, it may be assumed that the driver was overly fatigued, leading to the accident.

Evidence from the truck's ‘black box' (Electronic Control Module) may also be helpful, as the black box records data about the vehicle, including maximum speed. Your truck crash attorney will send a spoliation letter to the trucking company that will require them to retain these records.

Our Tacoma Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help You Collect Evidence

With numerous evidence types that are all necessary when pursuing a truck accident claim, collecting them all on your own is a lot of work. To aid you in the process and to show you how all evidence collected can be used to help you recover compensation, call the attorneys at Max Meyers Law PLLC today. Time can run out quickly as the statute of limitations in Washington for filing a claim is three years.

Our Tacoma truck accident team is ready to meet with you to discuss the cause of your accident and injuries for free today. Call us now at 425-399-7000.

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