How to Celebrate National School Bus Safety Week

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National School Bus Safety Week is quickly approaching; the week of raising awareness about bussing safely is scheduled for October 19 through 23. Here are some fun, easy, and proactive ways to celebrate this momentous week.

Plan on Kids Taking the Bus to School

School buses are a great method for getting kids to and from school. Not only do bus drivers get in fewer car accidents than other drivers, but buses also cut down on the number of drivers on the road, reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Even if your child doesn’t usually take the bus to school, consider bussing during October 19 through 23 in celebration of school bus safety week as an opportunity to see how riding a bus can improve your child’s social interactions and free up time for your family.

Organize a Safe Walk and Waiting Area

Your child doesn’t have to be the only one visiting the bus stop during National School Bus Safety Week, if you live in an area with many other children, talk to parents about organizing a safe walk to the bus stop, as well as a safe waiting area.

When children walk and wait in groups, their visibility is increased, and, therefore, their risk of being involved in an accident is decreased significantly. Make sure that at least one adult, or more depending upon a number of children participating, supervises the walk and the waiting area.

Review Safety With Your Child and Your Neighborhood

You should talk to your child about school bus safety. This includes a discussion of safe practices for the following listed below.

  • Refraining from roughhousing/playing when waiting or riding
  • Staying seated on the bus
  • Following bus driver instructions
  • Boarding and de-boarding safely
  • Crossing safely around buses


What’s more, you can also talk to other adults in your neighborhood about safe driving around school buses, in neighborhoods, near bus stops, and other areas where kids are likely to be. Remind your neighbors to slow down during morning and afternoon hours when school starts and ends, and to always keep an eye out for children who are walking or waiting for a bus.

Learn More About Safety During National School Bus Safety Week

To improve your safety and that of your child, read our blog about Walking Safety Tips for Parents and Kids. If you or your child ever is involved in a school bus, pedestrian, or bicycle accident, know that Max Meyers Law PLLC will advocate for your rights. To discuss your claim today, call 425-399-7000.

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