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Victims of trucking accidents in Tacoma very often find that issues of liability are much more difficult to determine than in a simple auto accident. In a passenger car traffic accident, you are typically dealing with the other motorist and his/her insurer. However, liability for truck accident reaches all way from the truck driver to include a number of parties, all of who are interested in protecting themselves against liability.

Parties Liable in a Trucking Accident

Your trucking accident claim can include one or a combination of the following parties.

  • Truck driver
  • Owner of the truck
  • Co-driver
  • Leasing company
  • Shippers
  • Repair and maintenance companies
  • Manufacturer of trucking parts and components
  • Government agencies

Truck Driver Liability

The truck driver is usually the most obvious source of compensation recovery after a trucking accident, but to hold him/her liable in your accident, you must establish whether s/he was an employee of the trucking company or an independent contractor.

If the driver was on the payroll of the company, then the company is liable for your accident. However, if the driver was an independent contractor, then he is not on the company's payroll, and, therefore, the company may evade liability in your accident.

Determining questions of payroll and employment is important for you as a plaintiff, because the trucking company is a very significant source of compensation recovery. Apart from employing independent contractors, trucking companies may also deny that they own the truck that was involved in the accident to evade liability. Familiarize yourself with Washington truck accident statistics to aid your claim.

All of these are just some of the reasons you should not try to file a trucking accident claim on your own. Remember, a typical trucking accident company in Tacoma has access to legal resources, and probably an in-house legal team whose sole job is to protect the company against liability in an accident such as yours. Speak to a Tacoma trucking accident attorney before you file a claim for compensation.

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