Seattle Makes Top 5 for Worst Traffic Cities in the U.S.

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The more time you spend in the car, the more time you have to notice how long you spend in the car. And if you live (or work) in Seattle, if you have noticed that it seems like your commute has gotten worse, well, it has. According to, Seattle is fourth on the list for worst traffic cities in the U.S.

How Has Commuting in Seattle Become?

According to the TomTom study, in 2015, Seattle drivers had a 31 percent longer average travel time.

On the way to work in the morning, congestion peaks at 53 percent but even that pales in comparison to the evening commute which has a 75 percent higher congestion rate. With these numbers, Seattle holds the number four spot for morning and the number two spot for evening congestion rates.

What Is the Impact of Traffic on Drivers?

Sitting in traffic waiting to either get to work or go back home again is an unpleasant experience for any driver. Add the massively increased congestion rates and what was unpleasant becomes even more so.

Stress rates increase, and for some drivers, the pressure of being stuck behind the wheel causes them to behave irrationally in their driving. That aggression can become "road rage" and can lead to accidents if unchecked.

What Can Drivers Do to Avoid Road Rage Incidents?

Everyone knows that Seattle traffic is frustrating, but it does not mean that you need to give in to certain behaviors which may trigger road rage. Try to avoid things like honking and texting while driving as it could turn your commute from exasperating to downright dangerous.  

And if you find yourself in a road rage situation, even though it may feel satisfying to give the other driver a taste of his own medicine, you should do whatever you can to prevent road rage from escalating to keep yourself and other drivers safe.

In addition, if you feel the driver is a real threat the safety of others, make sure you report him. (Be sure to do so safely.)

In preventing road rage in yourself and avoiding responding to it in others, hopefully you can avoid entanglement in an ugly or potentially dangerous situation.

If you find yourself hurt in an accident in Seattle, caused by road rage or another negligent behavior, you may want to speak with a Seattle car accident attorney about your legal rights to compensation. Contact an attorney from Max Meyers Law PLLC today at 425-399-7000.

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