When I choose an attorney to represent my bicycle injury case, what do I look for?

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Hire an experienced bike accident lawyer today. Every year in the United States, thousands of bicyclists are injured—and hundreds killed—in traffic accidents. For those injured cyclists and their families, finding the right attorney to represent their interests with investigators, opposing counsel, insurance companies, and the court is essential if they hope to get full and fair compensation for their injuries or losses.

But how are people supposed to find the right lawyer to represent them in a bicycle injury case? Follow this simple checklist to find someone right for you:

Look for Experience

Every lawyer receives training that might allow them to practice different types of law, such as family law, criminal defense, or personal injury. Receiving an introduction to the subject in law school is no match for years of trial-tested experience in court, however. Further, laws regarding traffic, roads, and bicycles are different from state to state, so it is essential to find an attorney who is licensed and routinely practices in the state where the injury occurred. When researching an attorney to represent your bike accident case, be sure to find someone with experience fighting—and winning—for cyclists in Washington State.

Look for Courage

When you select an attorney to represent your interests, you need someone who will not back down—someone who is willing to go to court and fight hard to get their client the fair judgment and generous compensation they deserve. Some lawyers are nervous about going to trial where they will have to go toe-to-toe with legal representation for the defendant or from big insurance companies; they may even encourage their client to accept a small settlement to avoid the courtroom. Make sure the attorney you choose has a reputation for not accepting anything but the full and fair compensation their client deserves, even if it means going to court.

Look for Good Communication

Though a good bicycle accident attorney has years of experience representing injured cyclists, you probably do not have a lot of experience being an injured cyclist. It is essential, then, that your attorney takes the time to explain the law fully, honestly evaluate the strength of your case, listen to your thoughts and concerns, and stay in contact as your case proceeds. Do not settle for a big-name firm that will not return your calls or high-powered lawyers who don’t listen to your needs. Get someone who is ready and willing to be present and support you at every turn along the way.

Look for Confidence

Following a bicycle accident, an injured cyclist faces a great deal of uncertainty. Will their injuries heal? Who is going to pay for their medical treatment? When will they be able to return to work? How can they afford an attorney and everything else at the same time?

When you choose an attorney to represent you, look for someone willing to stand behind their promise to fight hard for your interests. When a lawyer charges their clients hundreds of dollars per hour to represent them with no guarantee that they will win, that client may end up owing thousands of dollars in fees even if they lose in court or settle for less than what they deserve. Look for an attorney who is willing to share the burden and the risk with their clients by accepting a fee for their work only if their client wins in court.

Look for a Winning Record

Injured cyclists deserve good communication, experienced representation, and a confident partner when they look for an attorney to represent them, but the thing an injured cyclist needs most from their attorney is a win. When looking for someone to represent your bicycle personal injury claim, look for someone who can show you real, trial-tested results for clients for whom they stood up, fought hard, and won big.

Look No Further

Max Meyers Law has represented bicycle riders who were injured while riding, and they have won judgments and earned big settlements for those clients—an established firm with a winning record.

Fighting for the rights of bicyclists is more than a profession for Max Meyers, it is a personal mission. Meyers is an accomplished cyclist himself, taking part in the 200+ mile Seattle-to-Portland Bicycle Classic, cycling up Mount Rainier for 10,000 of total elevation gain, and pedaling across Washington, throughout the United States, and beyond. His commitment to injured cyclists is rooted in his passion for cycling. He even collected his best insights into bicycle safety, bicycle law, and legal recourse for injured bicyclists into a free book: Bicycle Accident Secrets Unlocked.

If you or a loved one have been injured while bicycling in Washington State, and you believe your injuries were caused by the neglect or recklessness of another, contact our offices in Kirkland or Bothall to schedule a free consultation to learn how Max Meyers can work for you.