How Hiring a Pedestrian Personal Injury Attorney Could Help You Win in Court

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The aftermath of a serious Seattle pedestrian accident can be catastrophic. You might find yourself weighed down by medical debt, unable to afford physical rehabilitation, and struggling to resume an ordinary, independent life. While Washington law affords you the right to recover your losses through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, securing a fair settlement could pose unexpected challenges. Even if you have a seemingly open-and-shut case, the at-fault motorist’s insurance company could try to devalue or deny your claim.

Fortunately, you do not have to stand up to the insurance company alone. Time and time again, studies have shown that personal injury plaintiffs who have an attorney are more likely to succeed than plaintiffs who try to represent themselves. Here are the top seven reasons a Washington personal injury lawyer could help you beat the odds to make a comprehensive legal recovery.

The 7 Top Reasons to Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

  1. Legal knowledge. You don’t need an attorney to file an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit. However, Washington’s legal system is not always easy to understand. If you miss a document deadline or fail to respond to the defendant’s request for evidence, your case could be automatically dismissed—even if you would otherwise be entitled to a significant recovery. A Seattle-area pedestrian accident lawyer knows how the courts work. We are intimately familiar with filing requirements, legal procedures, and common defenses. Your lawyer will advocate for your best interests in negotiations and in hearings, letting you focus on physical health and mental well-being instead of constantly going to and from court.
  2. We know how to fight for pedestrian rights. Every personal injury attorney has gone to law school. However, not every legal office focuses on pedestrian accident injuries. While it might go without saying, a lawyer who typically handles automobile accident claims might not know how to best represent a client who was stricken by a car while walking to work.
  3. We have the right resources. Max Meyers Law is a community-oriented law firm. When we accept a new client, we strive to ensure that they have the best possible representation. Oftentimes, that means consulting other experts to strengthen your case. If the insurance company refuses to cover the totality of your damages, we could coordinate with physicians and continuing care specialists to assess how much money you need to regain your independence and begin the difficult task of moving past an unexpected and life-altering accident.
  4. We’re experienced negotiators. Insurance companies are commercial enterprises. While the insurance adjuster might sympathize with your injuries, their loyalties lie with their employer. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not stay profitable by paying pedestrian accident victims fair settlements. The adjuster might try to offload blame, trying to make it seem as if your own negligence contributed to the accident. However, Max Meyers Law does not let our clients get pushed around by insurance companies. We know how to construct a compelling, evidence-based claim for compensation. We will use all available legal strategies to secure the compensation you need and the justice you deserve.
  5. Settling your case out of court. A surprising number of personal injury cases are never tried in court. In fact, the overwhelming majority of lawsuits never make it to trial. Instead, they are resolved through alternative dispute resolution processes, including mediation and arbitration. By reasoning with the insurance company outside of court, we can obtain a fair settlement far faster than going to trial. Of course, if the at-fault motorist’s insurer is not willing to negotiate in good faith, we will not hesitate to put their claims before a judge and a jury. 
  6. You don’t pay if you don’t win. Max Meyers Law believes that nobody should ever have to pay the price for another person’s mistake—which is why we never ask our personal injury clients to pay us up-front. We understand that recovering from an accident can be as costly as it is painful. If your life has changed in a tragic and unexpected way, you should not have to worry about whether you can afford to engage with a Washington court. Instead, we operate on a contingency basis. This means that we only take our payment once we settle your case. If we cannot secure the compensation you deserve, whether through negotiation or at trial, then you do not owe us anything for our services. However, even though affording a highly experienced attorney should never be a concern, you should still reach out to a Seattle pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible: if you wait too long to take action, you risk running afoul of the Washington statute of limitations. Once the statute of limitations lapses, the court could dismiss your case without giving you the chance to make an argument. 
  7. You stand a better chance of getting a fair settlement. Surveys and studies have repeatedly shown that personal injury plaintiffs who have a lawyer stand a significantly better chance of not only winning their case but securing larger awards and settlements. While you should not have to be a lawyer to stand up for yourself in court, insurance companies and big businesses do not take chances when it comes to their profits: even if you think you can win your claim without an attorney, the insurer almost certainly has an army of legal professionals ready to counter your claim.

A pedestrian accident attorney has the expertise and experience you need to make your voice heard in court.

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